Accueil 8ème arrondissement Publicis Drugstore, Av des Champs-Elysées

Publicis Drugstore, Av des Champs-Elysées



Recently renovated by designer Tom Dixon to reveal a modern reinvented 70s type vibe on leather comfort, the Drugstore is the ideal meet-up spot for a Saturday morning lounge with pals. As its chef Eric Frechon ventures « Publicis café is like a room-free hotel ».

For all the efforts towards a fantastic decor, they could have spent a moment to reflect on sourcing a better coffee. The ability of Paris establishments to surpass themselves in esthetic ambiance while serving up expressos with no taste other than bitter never fails to amaze.

The cuisine is fresh and prepared in an immaculate open cinema-kitchen, it’s too full at the lunch hour, so go for a morning coffee or evening drink if you don’t want to fight for a spot. However if you do decide to stay for lunch, the atmosphere is friendly, mixed between Instragram-loving tourists and a chic local clientèle.

4 euros for a regular expresso, budget for around 25-35 euros per person at lunch without drinks.

If you are looking for a fun spot for an evening drink, the leather backed bar seating is super comfortable and the bar staff are very friendly.


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