Accueil 2ème arrondissement %ARABICA, Passage des Panoramas

%ARABICA, Passage des Panoramas



%ARABICA was created in 2014 by Japanese coffee perfectionist and self-named « coffee artist » Kenneth Shoji. He acquired a coffee farm in Hawai to produce his famous Kona café, before teaming up with Junichi Yamaguchi, champion of Latte Art. Together, they opened a coffee-shop in Kyoto, in Gion, the historic Geisha neighbourhood,with the ambition of serving the best coffee.

Their coffeeshop in the famous Panorama passage in the 2ème proposes freshly roasted, top quality coffees prepared by no less than 5 baristas. Beautifully lighted and minimalist interior designed by Masaki Kato, there is outside seating, and the coffee break can be part of a route to visit the many auctions housed at Hôtel de Drouot (open Monday to Friday) or some of the best art dealers in Paris in the Drouot district.

Near to: Hôtel de Drouot auctions, le Bat restaurant, Camille Bürgi gallery

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